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he purpose of this website is to create both awareness of this most debilitating disease and to provoke any and all suggestions which may lead to empowering multiple sclerosis sufferers in South Africa and in doing so put MSSA on the world wide map.



The vision of the society is to gather building blocks towards our big goal of establishing a care centre where persons with MS may be assisted by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals.


To ameliorate the suffering and to aid those who have Multiple Sclerosis, particularly the indigent, in all ways within the means of the branch.

To endeavor to bring to people with Multiple Sclerosis the benefits of all the latest advances in the treatment and care of Multiple Sclerosis.

To assist in the study and research of Multiple Sclerosis.

To co-operate with other Societies or organizations with similar aims and objectives.   In this regard the Branch shall co-operate with the International Federation of Societies and with other Societies in the world.

To raise funds to achieve its objectives.

Site content is not intended to substitute professional medical treatment. Never disregard professional advice or delay seeking same as a result of something you have read on this website.
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