Jo Rosas – My Story
September 4, 2015
Barbara brink
September 4, 2015


The story I tell of MS is on the sketchy (not the app) side as I think it started some time ago when I was a teenager or before. I have read in the chat group that some who were diagnosed later on in life were unsurprised and in a sad way glad that the strangeness had a name. One man wrote in his blog that those who considered him crazy would be interested to discover that they were correct, even if only partially.

I would spend days wandering Table Mountain, amazed at the bounty of nature and the casual cruelty of people. The plants and trees grew and their beauty was astounding. I saw a man at Scarborough beach rush to the aid of his dog who was being attacked by a staffordshire terrier and come away with his dog, which was largish and didn’t fight back, while he himself was bleeding. Another incident had a women defend her cat by grabbing the dog that had it cornered and throwing it out of her property while the owner said that the cat was teasing the dog

So in the sense of balance in MS, there is more than enough to teach and learn from. We can make the difference in the lives and experience of others.

So they don’t understand, why should they? We can understand because we are there. Like an archer being asked why he needs a pad around his forearm, well if you were an archer you would know. Some questions still beg answers. Some pwms enjoy motorcycling others do doubt loud music, I don’t know how this can be but then the medical knowledgeable ones say I must write my own list of symptoms as each person can have their own.

A journey filled with danger and discovery. My one prayer is that I would have the patience to live at the new speed.

I heard today of a 7 year old child short of clothes in the chill of winter. What can be done, what cannot?

I could write about the 3 quarter cup of coffee, but that would be another story

In my journey, I had been accustomed to being different in thought and action and consequently grown to consider it a character makeup which allowed me to be firm even though it made little sense to others. I took my first cup of wine at 46 as part of the reassessing process after being diagnosed that year and reading up about MS and realising that I couldn’t motivate the teetotal lifestyle . That the neuro diagnosed me initially as enjoying alcohol which had helped cause the small vessel problem had me and my family laughing. I liked that and made it a personal aim to let them laugh more. So I cannot drive any more or walk without difficulty or keep a train of thought longer than a few minutes, yet there is much I can do at this this stage in lower gear.

And to how it got before the diagnosis …

Things were changing quite quickly. My dad died of pancreatic cancer. During those difficult days I started limping more noticeably but handling it, sort of. I was probably showing more concern about home life. I knew bladder control was getting worse and I was trying furiously to keep things normal. Well that wasn’t very successful but after MS diagnosis, as unusual as that might sound, it started getting better.

About that stage the cup got to be about half full.

Then there was the move to the Overberg. Fleeing the West coast heat and finding a combination of cruel pragmatic thought and genuine compassion. Our ISP at that time took the stance that we were unworthy of hosting and effectively shut our income down while at the same time calling us back to pay more. Well we looked at each other with the desperation of balloonists whose basket has begun to trail smoke. We had lost our engine ranking and to get it back would be very difficult. My wife said that she would rewrite the site to which I agreed as she would need to be able to edit and maintain every part herself, a task I knew she was capable of as her lack of familiarity did not compare to her depth of commitment. My input was slowly fading and projected to be even less as the MS took its inexorable toll. That there is a solution to the problems is at this point an anticipated future. Our faith and belief in God is still strong so part 2 of this story is unfinished