Pink Penguin Kayak to Robben Island for Multiple Sclerosis

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Bernard Cronje, First MS’er in SA who went for HSCT
September 4, 2015
September 12, 2015

Pink Penguin Kayak to Robben Island for Multiple Sclerosis


Martelize Brink, public figure and RSG radio presenter said: “I could immediately think of five different reasons why this would yank me out of my comfort zone, but my answer was, “Yes!”. The best ideas are born around a braai with good friends and the driver in the back seat of the kayak Joubert Cilliers. So the Pink Penguin saw the light. The Pink Penguin walks on the wild side for a good cause. A lot of people are imprisoned in a situation or a body with great restrictions. My body included. But I can kayak. And my philosophy in life is if you are still capable then you should grab each opportunity to experience different facets of life by the horns. For the Pink Penguin’s first walk on the wild side we’ve decided to show our support to the many people around the world who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis SA does wonderful work to provide an infrastructure and also emotional and physical support to those who suffer from the illness.


With gratitude MSSA said: Dear Martelize Brink and Joubert Cilliers, thank you for choosing Multiple Sclerosis for your Pink Penguin project. We appreciate your time and effort given to this Awareness Campaign. We have enjoyed following you as you practiced through the weeks and the excitement that built up to yesterday! We are greatly appreciative for the exposure you gave MS and the people who live with this often debilitating disease. May your bodies recover from the stress and strain of the exercise – 21 km is hectic to row – we salute you for going all the way. Thank you to all the people who supported you along the way, your safety boat and your friends. It was a beautiful journey to have travelled. Some special mention of a special person living with MS herself is our group member Jo Rosas who created endless compilations of pictures gathered from the pics you and Joubert and Angelique have taken through the weeks and Jo made daily posts which was sent out to literally hundreds of people on a datalist. Thank you to the Radio RSG exposure we had through the interviews. We are in awe and respect of this hecticly huge stride you made by taking yourself out of your comfort zone and into Joubert’s kayak. It was absolutely amazing. Thank you very very much from the bottom of every MS’er’s heart for what you did for us.